How To Easily Create A
“This Domain is For Sale” Landing Page
In Just A Few Clicks, Even If You Have Never
Made A Landing Page In Your Life
Have you ever bought a domain with the intention of flipping it?
But, instead of selling it, you just sat on it without doing anything to market it? Maybe you got stuck because you didn't know how to set-up a proper "This Domain is For Sale" landing page.
It’s not your fault. Maybe you’ve been convinced you need to install Wordpress. Ugh! What a hassle! Not to mention it's time consuming.

Even if you don't install Wordpress, you still need to find a decent html template. Good luck with that. More time suck.

Oh, you found a template? Great. Now you just need to learn how to edit it to ensure all your information is in the right place. How long will that take? Tick. Tock. 

And on it goes.

That’s a lot of steps, when all you really need is a single landing page to market and sell the domain.
Your struggle is real. Project overwhelm will derail you faster than a hooker drops her knickers on payday at the mine.

The truth is this doesn’t need to be complicated at all.   

I solved the problem for myself by developing a cloud-based application allowing me to create beautiful, fast loading “This Domain is For Sale” landing pages quickly and easily by just answering a few questions.
My name is John Smiley. I’ve been marketing online for years selling software and digital services, mainly to offline clients. Recently, I became interested again in domain flipping - the business of buying domains cheaply and flipping them for big profits. It can be lucrative.

The problem most people run into is once they buy a domain, they get stuck on the basic step of creating a "This Domain is For Sale" landing page. This is required if you're serious about selling the domain successfully and making a profit. 

Normally, you would use Wordpress to build multi-page websites for niche sites or client sites. This is complete overkill for domain flipping. All you need is a single page letting visitors know the domain is for sale.
You can waste a lot of time looking for a decent html template. And, once again, you’re going to put in a lot of time editing the template. If you have more than a couple of domains, this is monotonous and time consuming.

Making matters worse, the underlying code on most templates is bloated - this is bad for site load times.

It will kill your bounce rate. In other words, visitors are clicking away before your page even loads. When that happens, you have zero chance to make the sale. 

With my software you will create simple professionally designed and fast loading landing pages in just a few minutes.

You can use my software over and over to crank out high quality “This Domain is For Sale” landing pages for all your domains
What Do The Pages Look Like?

Here are few features of the software and the landing pages it makes: 

- The pages are mobile ready.
- The pages it makes are lightning fast.
- Requires no coding or design skills.
- Creates a single page html file.
- Comes with beautiful background images.
- It works with either PCs or Macs.
- Answer a few questions & press finish. 

What does this mean for you?

As you can see, both the landing pages shown here have great visual appeal with calls to action throughout. It tells your visitors why the domain has value and why they should buy the domain. This will translate into more engagement with visitors and a fast sale of your domain. 

How Fast Are These Pages?

Super Fast Perfomance Scores

The Website GTmetrix rates these pages with a "Double A" rating for PageSpeed and YSlow Scores. This is important to users because faster pages are more efficient. Don't lose out on a potential sale because your page loads slow. 

Speed Still Matters

A load speed of 1.4 second or less is faster than 75% of all sites; 1.0 Seconds or less is faster than 90% of all sites. Per a recent Kissmetrics infographic, if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over a quarter of users will click away.

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John Smiley

Digital Marketer | Traveler

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